Brigitte Laurent – Fine Art & Design

I aim to create original quality work’s of art
Whether it be creating one off pieces of lighting to small drawings, I am passionate about creating unique and special pieces.

I specialized in making unique lighting from 2010 to 2020, now my styles and mediums are changing.

I make art and design pieces inspired by nature. The materials I work with range from pencil drawing to acrylic painting, usually of botanical origins.


Hi, im Brigitte Laurent!

Id love to hear from you.

About me

My name is Brigitte Laurent, I am a fine artist living in Durban, South Africa.
I studied Fine Art at Durban University of Technology.

Here you will find my previous artworks ive done over the years and what I am currently working on.

Nature is my inspiration, from different forms and patterns to a more scientific approach of botanical art. I find my ideas by being outdoors, hiking, climbing or just being alone in nature.


Where to find my work

South Africa

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