Protea drawing commission work

The past few months I have been focusing on my drawing skills trying to work in new mediums. So with my latest and first commission of some Protea fynbos drawings for a couples beach home in Keurbooms I have been working only in black and white, and loving it.

Since starting drawing again last year, making myself let go of the idea that I didn’t like sketching and drawing I have had such an overwhelmingly positive feedback. I liked the idea of bringing colour back into my work, yet being asked to only work in pencil I was brought back to monotone colours which is more suitable to my work and style anyway.

I havent had any new designs on my lighting range so being able to focus on a commission work with a medium that was slightly out of my comfort zone has been challenging and rewarding.

Limited edition prints are available, please contact me should you like to order one.

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