Aloe and Protea commission.

I was commissioned early in the year to do a couple of botanical drawings of iconic South African plants; Aloes and Proteas.

Aways happy to create artworks for someone, it is somehow more special knowing the client personally and where they are going.

                     The brief was to create 6 artworks, 3 Aloe drawings and 3 Protea drawings in pencils or charcoal. I was given freedom in most aspects. I chose to rather stick with what I knew best: pencils as I can create detailed work.

The Aloe pieces were done in colour, two of them were in colour pencils and the third one I decided to mix watercolour pencil and pencils.

Aloe Ferox botanical drawing  

The Protea works were all done in pencils. Two of the proteas were handpicked in the mountains and drawn from real life.  I don’t usually work from still life flowers, something I am attempting to do more of.


Protea drawings


These artworks were all created during our national lockdown, in a time of uncertainty I am so grateful I was able to focus on drawing these beauties and forget the world outside for a few moments.


For any commissioned work please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have.


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