New seasons, new creations

For the past 10 odd years, I was mainly focused on my vision to work to make PVC lamps.

I hardly put out any of my creations of other mediums, always exhibiting only my lamps.

This year has been a hard one, but a great one of time spent really focusing on new mediums and styles.  

Nature still and always will be the main focus of inspiration, except now I am trying to broaden what I want to draw such as landscapes and rock formations.

Since lockdown, I have been busy creating some new ranges that will work together well.

Working with watercolour has never been one of my favourite mediums. So this forces me to let loose, to not have an exact idea of how a finished piece will turn out.

I still have so much to learn with this painting style, I truly fell in love with this. The enjoyment from doing some botanical pennygum drawings in this medium was completely unexpected.

Watercolour Pennygum botanical art.


Bird pencil drawings.

Protea & Cape Sugarbird

Aloe and Sunbird


I started doing stationery items.

Simple pen landscape drawings as postcards.

Watercolour gift cards


I have also been working on a new range of ceramics.

It has been a very long time since I have worked with this medium, I can’t believe I left it so long.

I can’t wait to share more on this, as this will be taking over from my PVC candlelight range.

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