Back to working with clay

It has only been roughly 10 to 12 years since I’ve really touched or made anything from clay. I can’t quite believe its been so long, ceramics was one of my big passions before high school and the reason I went to study Fine Art.

It has been a great change to use clay again, it is still not the easiest or most affordable hobby. Having all the equipment can be expensive or hard to find. The most difficult part was trying to remember the technicalities of firing and glazing. So that’s why I’ve chosen not to rely on myself but ask for help in that department until I feel ready to do my own firings.

Starting off with a small range, I am making clay tea light houses, each house is unique. I wont try to replicate any of the houses. They are similar in size and style to my pvc candlelight range so it would follow on nicely.

I am not into the perfectly made, each one will be imperfectly handmade as I dont mass produce.

I am having such fun playing around with an organic vessel lamp. With PVC it is such a rigid material so using clay to build a lamp has given me so much more room to explore different shapes.

My first attempt at creating a standing clay lamp.

For latest candle light houses please check my facebook page for updates on available work or contact me for what I have in stock.

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