Starting putting paint to canvas

2014 – The last time I found myself painting.

2015 – The last time I found myself living in Durban.

7 years later, almost a whole new person later, finding myself living back in Durban.

Sitting on the road before I took the turn, Garden route or KZN bound? Up until that point I wasnt quite sure.

I felt a pull to come back, just as I felt the pull to paint. Its been a long time since ive felt that internal need to release my creative energy. Strangely enough that was to paint, it surprised me. Ive never been much of a painter, even though I studied painting, I enjoy it yes. Yet Ive never felt a true connection to being a ‘painter’.

Up until this point in my life.

It might have something to do with shifts and changes ive made lately.

I started painting small fragments of nature, little reminders of feelings of being alone on a cliff, on a hike, that expansive empty beach.

                 Just you and your thoughts when you are outdoors where you are lost, too lost in the moment to stop.

Its only once you’ve left and had the time to process does one see what you’ve missed earlier.

My first few fynbos paintings.

Im loving the process, can you tell.




‘Imphepho’ and ‘Watsonia’

‘Silver Everlasting’

‘Blushing bride’


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