Botanical sketches progress 2

Things have progressed quickly in the past few weeks since I started doing some botanical drawings, there’s nothing like a big show and a deadline to get one cracking. Ive managed to create quite a range of different types, from cacti’s, airplants and ive just started on dried pods.

What began with an idea to work on my weakest skill has progressed into a new product in my range you will be able to purchase. Its been a fun creative process to work with some colour for a change and to show some of my inspiration for my lamps. The botanical drawings are also part of my process for  a new range of lamps I want to start working on next year.

Botanical drawings: Cacti 1 & Airplant 3

With so many positive responses not only did I decide to go ahead as having it as part of my range but to include them in my showcase at Kamers market in Stellenbosch at the end of the month. Which is going to be interesting to see both styles come together, I am excited to see the end result as I feel like its all come full circle.

Airplant 1

Cacti 1

All botanical drawings are my own original artworks, there are limited prints of each.

All drawings are framed onto board and signed.

You can find me at KAMERS/Makers at Anura vineyards.
31 October – 5 November.
9.00 – 17.00 daily.
You can buy tickets here or have a look at their website to find out more.

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