Sketching process 1

Recently I’ve been inspired to start showing more of my creative process, forcing myself to start sketching more.

My birthday present to myself this year was a sketch book and a nice set of coloured pencils, time to get back to basics and start drawing again. For any artwork it all begins with a drawing, ive never been much of  a sketch artist.
Ive always done very vague and simplistic drawings for my lamps and paintings mainly because I already have the clear picture in my head.

This doesn’t allow for one to explore something new, so when I came across Heather Moore from Skinny La Minx concept of Making Fridays. I decided to set myself a challenge of taking some time on Saturdays (Sketching Saturdays), while still at work to create a sketch of something I love. Mainly to enjoy the creative process, and to work on my drawing skills.

I’ve been working freehand, with a image on a computer screen of what interests me…plants.

Ive got a bit of a succulent, airplant and cacti obsession, anything strange that catches my eye.
Travelling around South Africa the past few years I would always make a stop at a nursery to find something unusual or even go as far as finding a rare plant show. My collection grew quite nicely, unfortunately I couldn’t bring all my plants with me when I moved from Durban to Cape Town.

So my collection of sketches has begun.

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