Garden route – Storms River hike

Finally! Yes finally after about 10 years I made my way back to this amazing spot on the garden route. We first did a family trip here in 2004 and the place has just stuck with me, like love at first sight. Ive been back to Plettenberg bay on a few occassions, it unfortunately never worked out to get back to Storm river to explore.

This December taking a solo drive down from Cape Town was a freeing and exhilarating experience. Ive always only ever driven that kind of distance with someone, I realised this year has completely challenged and changed me for the good.

We walked to the famous Storms River suspension bridge, it was partly raining but we didn’t mind, once we waited it out it cleared up nicely. The walk to the bridge is an easy roughly 1 km walk. From the bridge you can do a further hike up to the lookout, which was a steep hike up but worth it for the amazing views overlooking the mouth, just be reasonably fit to tackle the walk up.

The suspension bridge walk is obviously the most popular which I find to be a distraction with the amount of people walking up and down. After some rest at the little beach and lunch we did the Loerie trail, this takes you through the indigenous forests to another great lookout spot which is great for spotting whales in the right season. We were the only hikers on this trail, it seems everyone only goes to do the Storms river hike… unfortunately I did not get to spot the Knysna Loerie.

I’ve done the coastal route which is the start of the famous Otter trail multi day hike before so that’s why we chose the Loerie trail instead. You could get quite a few different types of short walks in on one day as a day visitor. There are many other options of kayaking, tubing or diving as a tour group.

South Africa is a truly amazing place that ive made it my mission to explore many different parts of the country that very few South Africans have hardly heard of. Partly due to my love of rock climbing and seeing unexplored areas.
I look forward to sharing my passion for the outdoors with you!

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