Cape Point hike

This was one of the adventures on my to do list upon arriving in Cape Town when we first got here, but of course other things were higher up so they got done first. Soon before I moved from Durban a few other girlfriends decided it was also time for a change or they happened to find work in the Cape Town. Which was great because it means we get to experience all these amazing places together as first timers to the city, and life is more fun with your adventurous mates

Hiking at Cape Point, going to an iconic destination many foreigners go to when visiting our country was without a question a must do for anyone who hasnt yet. It’s a world heritage site in the Cape of Good Hope section of the Table Mountain National Park.

On our first time it was kind of expected to do the walk to the lighthouse, so we could get the bragging rights of being at the tippiest most South-Western part of the African continent. Not the most Southern point, that Cape Agulhas holds the title for (road trip!)

The place has flair for the dramatic, the high steep cliffs with the lighthouse tethering on the edge. The towering cliffs and views for days make for a picturesque background. Once you get to the point most visitors for some bizarre reason stop and dont go further you see another lookout that you have to backtrack to get to, hardly a sign pointing you in that direction.

With the bustling crowds of strange languages there is this deep sense of calm that washes over you almost an eerie silence that the place holds. Almost as if Cape Point knows of its power and is holding true to that.

I will be back, next time to do some of the walks on the other less populated side of the Cape Point reserve. Where you can spot mountain zebra and ostrich chilling out on the beach and in the fynbos.

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