A green festival – Greenpop

No matter where you are in life, I beleive you need to make the most of the cycles you go through. At this time in my life I had the freedom to embrace spontaneity and fullfill my adventorous spirit. My resolution this year was to let magic in (yes I know how that sounds), it’s about being open to new opportunities, to different people and new experiences that often life has a way of shutting out.

A quick decision to tag along to a green festival in the Platbos forest was something I wouldn’t say no to. Id vaguely heard of the Greenpop organisation through the work Jeremy Loops does re-planting trees in Zambia, that was the most id heard of the event.
The reforestation festival takes place in the Platbos forest on the West Coast (between Hermanus and Gansbaai) every March. They invite adults and children to (re)connect with nature by getting your hands dirty planting trees(which we certainly did!) playing outdoors while learning how to reduce, recycle and upcycle our plastic usage.
The green festival is aimed at spreading environmental awareness though green workshops and festivals. Its about teaching families to live as eco-friendly as possible by zero waste initiatives.

The organisers promote one to bring little or no plastic to the event. Which I thought would be hard but its a change of mindset really, it was much easier to do than I would’ve thought. The food vendors dont use any plastic containers, so you had to bring your own cups, plates and utensils. Which wasnt inconvenient if you had a little bag with you and you wash up after yourself, ive never been to such a clean festival due to this principle.

The event was all vegetarian or vegan food. Which im neither,I thought id go hungry but even the food was amazing, definetly something that’s on my mind more now.
Over the course of the weekend 2000 indigenous trees were re-planted back into the forest, the following weekend they had planned for 5000 trees to be planted.

I would encourage anyone with small children to go, not only for a fun weekend but one where they can learn from a young age about how our actions affect our environment. I loved being out here in this ancient milkwood forest, listening to music under the trees and giving back to nature by helping plant trees.

I was slightly dissapointed that there were more foreign families as opposed to South African locals. As a South African we should be supporting these events and make a change with whats going on with our forests being damaged.

Would love to go again, maybe next time to Hogsback!

If you’d like to find out more details on any of their events, have a look here

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