It might be a bit extreme to move across the country for some new inspiration, but if you can why on earth pass that opportunity up. Getting out of ones comfort zone is a great way to challenge oneself and work on new kinds of creativity. So thats what I did, I packed my bags ( a mere 2 suitcases, a climbing pack and a mountain bike) and headed to the Mother City in my old skedonk Mazda 323. No real plans  just complete trust in my friend Candice, who joined me for the drive along with most of her luggage. My little hatchback did pretty well considering id never driven it further than Howick before, id be in complete disbelief if we didn’t have any car troubles along the way. Just a minor issue of the ignition deciding to completely retire on me, so a push start in Senekal and a stop in… Ferreira or “Bloemfontein” with the engine still running perfectly and Candice holding the keys. Yikes!
A temporary fix by our local hero the diesel mechanic, what a champ coming to fix my car. He really did try hard not to laugh too hard at us in our situation. He installed a ignition switch and promptly taught me how to hot wire my car so I could carry on to Cape Town, very politely mentioning should I break down not to call him.

My new ignition switch

To be leaving the place Ive lived in for my whole life was a big deal, Durban will always be home but  Cape Town has been pulling at my heart for a long time. My friends, family and the familiar I have left behind to pursue my dreams will not be for nothing. So enough of this thing called fear getting in the way, I am here to face it and not let it stop me anymore.

A breath of fresh air, the view on top of Signal Hill on my first day


Very excited to almost be in Montague, after driving through the Karoo, in summer with no air-con!

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