Inspiration behind my larger PVC lamps

I find working as a creative person you have to constantly keep surrounding yourself with places and people that inspire you. For me I find my inspiration to create in travelling and spending time in nature, which is why this year is my goal to do just that.


I feel like this is my first Western Cape inspired piece. I saw these vines in the orchard while out exploring Babylonstoren gardens in Paarl. I saw the pattern instantly I got so excited I rushed home to make this lamp.


Simple designs make the most effective patterns.

2.Grass Range

Lately ive been obsessed with the simple and weird beauty of weeds and grasses. I even take glass bottles with me to collect different seeds when im out hiking and climbing. There is no end to all the amazing shapes, textures and patterns that just make me want to create.


These weeds growing along the river bank of my family’s farm in Plettenberg Bay inspired this piece.

farm-life-57 weed-14

Here are some of my botanical findings that have inspired me to create some new designs, I decided to create a whole range of grass lamps and candle lights. So far there are 4 unique Pvc lamps ive started with.

beths-garden-1 farm-life-13 botanical-inspiration


3.Staghorn Ferns

For a while ive been wanting to work on a larger scale but lacked the right subject. Until I saw this staghorn fern in Makaranga Lodge in Kloof gorge while out walking with my mom. For over a year this has been on my mind, ive finally been working on the most detailed piece of mine this month. Its been challenging finding the right tools as carving pvc is not the usual request in a hardware shop.I will share more of these works when they are all completed

staghorn-fern-3 staghorns-pvc-lamps

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