A new phase, a new space

I have gone through so many different workspaces in the past few years ranging from a small dining room table, a veranda, my parents garden hut, 2 garages and now my latest the outside section of my new home in Claremont Cape Town. Not one of them has been a place Id call a studio, ive always had to make it work.

Having made the decision to jump in and take the risk to focus 100% on my artwork, having a permanent place that is functional and fun to work in has become imperative.

So over the past few months ive been cleaning up lots of junk, collecting anything about to be thrown away that could be useful and having to claim the rights over my new space. Lets just say living with 4 guys has its challenges.

It all began with trestles and a found piece of wood for the table top which was all I needed to start being productive. I decided I wanted to test my creativity by making a space using what was lying around and what I could find.


The pallets I took from my previous company saving them the trouble of having to dispose of them. I love the fold up design and the rustic/industrial look, they double up as hidden storage and a couch. What a win.


Some astro turf that was saved from heading to the dump, is given new life again by warming and greening up the floor space. Yes Cape Town gets cold, so anything to help make the floor warmer suits me. Between all the found rusted car parts, the old cans for my herbs im loving the whole rustic upcycled feel of the place. pallet-shelve

I tested out my woodwork skills to make a vertical shelf out of some pallet pieces. With a couple of cup hooks I can now hang my smaller tools.

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