New mediums: Watercolour botanicals

With a new season changing into cooler months, so has it come with a transition into new artwork.
Change is a necessary part of growth and so my style and interest has been evolving and shaping with the use of new mediums.

I have started a series of new botanical themed water colours, mainly as a way for me to force myself to use a medium that is more expressive and loose. I still am a fanatic of intense detail work so I do have some exciting new pieces that I look forward to working on. For now it has been about having some fun with colour, experimenting with new mediums and working on having a broader range of artistic skill set.

‘Schefflera’ hanging in my studio space

Delicious monster range.

For the past 2 years I have been slowly finding my painting and drawing style, im not quite there yet but im learning while I get there. With this body of work I will be having my first showcase at the end of the month!

I will be showcasing my botanical artwork for the Plett Art Festival, taking place 21st to 28th June 2019.

My opening will be on the 25th June at Delia’s, Market Square, 4 pm – 6 pm.  Soup and wine available.

Botanical artwork exhibition ready

For more information on the the Plett Art Festival, have a look at their program so you dont miss out on this exciting cultural week.      

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