DIY : Cement jewellery or accessories

Cement is the in material right now. From cement planters, furniture and lamps to bigger design inspiration in living rooms and kitchens. We see it everywhere, which is great because its easy to use, modern, timeless, reasonable and the possibilities of diy projects are endless.

My latest project im working on is creating a range of sustainable jewellery. So finding other sources of mediums that dont need to be fired like ceramics yet are still strong enough and visually attractive that arent costing the earth. I always have the concept of less is more, so I prefer the bare look.

Here is how you can start your own diy project, for those long school holidays or weekend projects with the kids. Be as creative as you want… even stylish wedding decor can be homemade.

What you need:
Cement mix
Craft paint
Your accessory of choice: brooch pin, magnet, string
Glue: If you using glue this is the expensive part, but youll need cement glue which is a 1:1 mix

Be as imaginative as you can, have a scrounge around the kitchen cupboards there is always something that can be re-purposed. I find the silicon moulds work well, so your cake decoration shops will have plenty selection for any type of occasion. Or you could even make your own moulds from silicone…but I cant do that yet.

If you have a bag lying around the house then lucky for you, if not it’s ok because the larger hardware shops do have smaller bags of cement mix for R30 which is perfect hobby size.

Mix your cement/sand mix with some water… not too much water.
Spoon into moulds, dont make them too thick because if they are hanging items we dont want them too heavy.
It now depends on your project, at the wet stage you could add in the string for hanging ornaments or the magnet strip cut to size.

My favourite part… I love painting.
For cement you can use craft paint, which will be used for other painting projects too. For a first coat mix some paint with water so it seeps into the cement, then you can do another coat after. Then glue on extra bits you need like the brooch pin.

Paint, be creative and enjoy!!

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