A slow start on a home studio

Its been a year since I moved from Cape Town to the small sea side town of Plettenberg bay. To work in a small furniture store and eventually create or find my own studio space. My dream of a work space immersed in nature, slighlty off the grid and to tie my art with my lifestyle where it becomes harmonious with nature. After 9 months of living in a caravan,  a really great experience for when I ever do my van life travels across a country I know what to expect. This was only temporary while we fixed up a structure on my aunt and uncles farm built 4 years ago but never completed.

My tiny home for 9 months.

We had started making progress before the fires ran across the garden route on June 7th, this obviously put us behind and slowed down the building.   The morning after making it back from a Kamers interview in Stellenbosch we woke to a morning of hazy smoke in the air. The next few days were some of the most hectic days of my life. Many people never got a chance to go home to pack any belongings. We were very fortunate that we had some warning, that week we were told to evacuate 3 times because the fires were headed for us. We never did, always staying to do anything in our power to save my aunt and uncles farm. Having no firemen, no reception and no power to have any pumps working to pump out water was a very scary situation. It came down to which way the wind was blowing, we had 3 different fires surrounding us so our odds werent really in our favour. In the end we were okay, but it was very close just with some emotional aftereffects. As with things in life it took us a bit longer to finish up the house for me to move in, which I was fine with as it makes it all that much more worth it after the wait. I appreciate it everyday knowing that it could have all been taken away before it began.

The house slowly taking shape.

And so my journey continues in making the Birdhouse a home studio, been the best adventure so far.

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